Fr+Sa, 31. Juli – 22. August 2020

From the weekend of 31. Juli/1.August plus to more weekends Monica Vlad sets up STWST with sounds from the locked club venue and the cellar.

1st Floor - Sounds from the locked club venue

The sound present in the SAAL is a combo of 2. The first 40ish minutes are a recording of a live performance made at the end of April 2020; it was a complete impro performance and “the instruments” used were, like usual, completely analog from cassette players with various tape loops to 3 radios with various frequency lengths offering a lot of textures, circuits and a lot of other sound layers. The last 30 minutes of the overall piece is an audio composition called “Once upon a time there was nothing” created in the studio and having as a center piece an Korg Electribe ER1 vintage analog beat machine. 

Sounds from the cellar

The second sound, present in the KELLER, is the most recent, created especially for the space. It has as a base the recorded sound of the balm crickets (Zikaden) heavily digitally manipulated to fit the space and complete the sound from the SAAL, creating in this way a sound parcour in STWST. The initial recordings were made in Italy and were integrated with other sounds to create somehow a ghostly/cathedral atmosphere.

Monica Vlad

Monica Vlad is an audiovisual performer and multimedia artist based in Linz, Austria. Her first university was HydroPower Engineering, but after 5 years of study she decided she’s more attracted to art. Into this matter, she finished the fine arts department of New Media in Art at L’Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara in Italy, followed by the master of Interface Cultures from Kunstuniversität Linz. For her live performances, Monica changes the functionality of old media devices and everyday objects to create new sounds. She combines the astonishing sound textures and seemingly endless possibilities of the noise genre with sounds from opposite genres such as classical music to create a “paradox soundscape.” Her live performances are different each time, but always intense, dramatic and powerful.