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New Art Contexts and Club Culture

Autonomous Structures since 1979

Stadtwerkstatt Chronology

New Art Contexts and autonomous structures.
The history of Stadtwerkstatt since 1979.

Interviews with Founders of STWST

STWST Video Archive and STWST TV

Here are at first a few documentary videos from the early STWST history and a “process art as media art” - or as STWST TV of a label that produced interactive television before the digital media.

Current videos and streaming also on Vimeo.

Old Websites - ca 1998
Foto: Baggerhochzeit 1987

Old Websites - ca 2008

Documentary and photographic archive /since 2016

The temporarily document archive of Stadtwerkstatt is at Bernaschekplatz. Since 2016, the photo archive of the Stadtwerkstatt has also been set up there.
Here some historical photos, classified by Georg Ritter.

Kunstlager NORD /since 2017

In the North of Linz STWST has a new workplace as well as there is a storage for STWST's relicts from 35 years of art production. On the long run, the documentary and photographic archive will be relocated from Bernaschekplatz to Kunstlager Nord.

Versorgerin Archive

Stadtwerkstatt publishes quarterly the newspaper “Versorgerin” - with the focus on contributions on Stadtwerkstatt as well as the transformation of politics and culture. Many authors of the Versorgerin stand in the tradition of Critical Theory.


Publications and more

Publications of STWST, catalogue contributions on STWST projects and the STWST in literature. Sorry, publicatiions only available in german.

Archive Club and Concerts /seit 1979

Since the early days of the 80ies Stadtwerkstatt invited music, which was quite significant and new for the city. Today, Stadtwerkstatt's music program revolves around contemporary trends between electronics, hip-hop and rock. STWST is also available for DIY events.