Founded in 1979, STWST will be in 2019 - 40 years. With the annual claim STAY UNFINISHED in 2019, the aim is to look at the art of the past and the projects of today. It's about history and now, it's about process and transformation. It's about not being finished, not getting finished, about a real existing utopia of open society and expanding contexts. We plead with STAY UNFINISHED for an art and society in development. We want to keep the space open for the programmatically unfinished, for the non-fixed identity, for water-clear and queer minds, and for the Many and the Other against the totalitarian one.

STAY UNFINISHED will create the annual program in various ways, for example through new projects in existing project tracks of STWST New Contexts, Showcase-Extravaganza STWST48x5, STWST CLUB, or the newspaper “Versorgerin”.

During the year, STAY UNFINISHED will be driving the programmatic orientation with art, text, context, lab and research. Beyond the usual jubilee, the projects will be re-fed with ingredients that have always fed the development of STWST, through an ideal-typical milieu of heterogeneity of art, media, technology, culture and the social.

The programmatic appeal STAY UNFINISHED also describes a focus on essential archive activities in the 40th year - and gives an indication of the large quantity and complexity of materials that have accumulated over the four decades. With the working title “MMXIX - 40 Years of STWST - ARCHIV”, an extra working track was opened in 2019, the results of which can be incorporated into the showing formats of the annual programme. In general it can be said that STAY UNFINISHED means the courage to be long-term.

MMXIX. STAY UNFINISHED - What will happen? We will see, you will see.

MMXIX. STAY UNFINISHED - Stay unfinished. Against the finished ones.



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