Is drinking Prosecco already Media Art? In 2018, while Official Linz is celebrating the Unesco City of Media Arts, Stadtwerkstatt proclaimed the PROSECCO CITY OF MEDIA ARTS. A campaign on event culture and the inflationary use of the term Media Art. In 2018 … we were so Prosecco!

More serious: Media art has been an integral part of STWST since its inception, including a Media Art Award from Austrian Government in 1994. For some years, STWST has been running “Art after New Media” - as New Art Contexts. So Media Art, Art after the New Media, New Contexts and Media Art Criticism has been the basis of artistic programming for years.

Ongoing, artistic research in this field is carried out under the series Infolab and Quasikunst. Projects from these continuously operated formats flow into the annual Showcase Extravaganza STWST48, which deals with other forms of information and art contexts. Every year, international artists and critical producers are invited to STWST48. Through this interaction of critical positions, the Mycelium Network Society was formed in 2017 and was invited to the Taipei Biennale in November 2018. The project can be seen there till End of March 2019.

STWST - Prosecco City of Media Arts was included in the UNESCO Montoring Report of the City of Linz at the end of 2018.
UCCN - Monitoring Report Linz 2014 – 2018, page 11


In 2015/16 media theorist Armin Medosch wrote the six-part series “Mythos Art” for the newspaper “Versorgerin”.
Der Mythos des Künstlers / Kunst und Technik / Im Blitzlicht der Ästhetik des Neuen / Feminismus, Semiotik, Antikunst, Befreiung / Die Computerkunst ist tot, es lebe die Medienkunst / Post-Art oder die Endlosschleife des Zeitgenössischen

Franz Xaver also published in the newspaper “Versorgerin”, as part of the Infolab the 14-part interview series “Myth Media Art”.
Graf+Zyx / Gertrude Moser Wagner und Helmut Mark /Station Rose & Konrad Becker / Katharina Gsöllpointner / Rainer Ganahl /Gudrun Bielz / Georg Ritter / Gottfried Hattinger / Hofstetter Kurt / Karel Dudesek / Max Kossatz /Herwig Turk / Thomas Lehner / Peter Weibel

or also: Strom um sieben / Die Toxizität der Netze

Breakfast in the bend, Rainer Zendron, Outdoor living space, 1985

As part of the Prosecco City-of-Media-Arts campaign, which is constantly taking place in 2018, former protagonists of STWST are being asked on a case-by-case basis to select their favorite image from the earlier days of media and process art. The subject above has been selected by STWST itself.

Pamela Neuwirth is interviewing Franz Xaver und Tanja Brandmayr about STWST-Campaign

Events: may also be equipped with a Prosecco City Bar, such as at the Wurst vom Hund Ball 2018, the Nightline of Stream Festival or sometimes the Reouzeri.

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