Finally, yes, Mesdames et Messieurs: We are under the circumstances.

We know the circumstances. And the circumstances are a state. For two years now, they work like accelerants: Pandemia kills science, the promise of consumption in question, globalisation crashing, democracy in limbo, warlike conflicts, nature broken, human maelstrom, autistic rage. Under the circumstances = Under the conditions. When right becomes wrong, then resistance becomes duty? When left quotes are used by the right, and it fits just as well, then pathology becomes condition, and there is nothing left to be said. Under the circumstances a toxic soup: mud, gaia, meta, world spirit and irrational pre-modernity meet wild thinking, creative future, dark mirrors and speculation. It's about new connecting. It is about the whole. The bodies think. The spirits feel. Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will. In the end, everything is always social. We welcome you.


48 Hours Disconnected Connecting
9-11 Sept 2022

STWST 48 is the STWST showcase extravaganza in September. We are currently developing the programme, which is thematically based on the annual theme above. So OPEN CALL for DEEP under the circumstances and for a new Connecting! In addition to our own productions and invited artists and producers, we are interested in external works of any genre, preferably those that have been developed in a mental as well as actual anti-white cube and can also be presented in this way at the STWST.

If interested: Mail with max. 1 page of project description and self description plus links, images and information.
Submissions of already completed works as well as works to be developed are possible.
DEADLINE: 18 April 2022.

More about STWST48


The STWST wants to design a format that combines the rational approaches of theoretical texts, the free form of text cascades and the irrational force of sound surfaces.

We want to engage in SOUND-TEXT-TRANSFORMATION: with self-referential spirals of knowledge, cultural-theoretical reflections and with linguistic meta-levels, with language beyond text content, with transformed meaning and rhythm, with breath that has passed through the body, with emotion, sensuality, with the SPACE BEHIND THE EYES and with the FORCE BETWEEN THINKING AND FEELING.

This also as resistance against a world whose linguistic, political and rational contents have been used up.

We want to invite sound artists and text producers to perform dissolution and transformation here. We want to turn theorists and artists into reading performers, text-sound installers or anything else they feel like, in order to target a larger whole. We want to invite sound artists, drummers and other musicians to provide the surfaces and the noise that condenses into the actual experience or the actual ACTEUR. We want to invite associated cultural initiatives, institutes, artists, theorists and producers to join us in transforming the various materialities of art, language and sound into a DEEP SOUND OPERA - and to work together with the STWST on an approach to a text and sound format to which one might even still be able to DANCE.

The format of a Deep Sound Opera is still a completely open format at this point in time. It can develop. However, the basic idea is a format that consists of individual parts AND can be connected/unconnected to form a larger common sound act. To this end, we are calling for submissions of existing text and sound works that are situated UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES which are a state and operate TRANSFORMATION. Existing sound acts can be submitted, text or sound fragments and concepts that are yet to be developed.

The whole thing can be implemented at STWST48x8 in September as part of a Nightline … much is open.

Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe.

1-3 pages short description of work
max 1 page self-description
till 18 April 2022

More info on the annual claim, see above.
More Infos about STWST48
Mehr Infos generell: auf Anfrage.


Annual Claim: Under the Circumstances

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Coop with APO33/Nantes and others: STWST New Art Context @MEDIA MESS(e), May 2022
STWST is on its way to MEDIA MESS(e) in Nantes/F from 17-22 May. There, four European art and technology labs will work between intermedia art, DIY, DIWO and media activism. In a large MEDIA MESS, people, media and networks will intervene with controls, screens and multiple sound systems on the current situation of the world.

Coop with servus/Linz – AMRO 14.-18. Juni / STWST48x8
Coop with Stubnitz/Hamburg – Make A Signal 13.-17. Juli
Coop Bootsbüro in the Danube/Vienna

  • STWST48 - MTBA + OPEN CALL above

STWST48x8 ∞ Deep
48 Hours Disconnected Connecting
09.-11. Sept 2022

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HerStory: The Women of Stadtwerkstatt
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